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How does it work?

Driving our technology are the electromagnetic fields emitted by the FREELAP transmitters. (START, SPLIT, FINISH) and the Bluetooth connection to the mobile app. at the finish line. 


These electromagnetic fields are exclusively detected by the unique ID of the Freelap FX Alpine Chip worn by each athlete.


Once the athlete goes by the finish line, the data is sent via BLUETOOTH to the mobile device connected at the bottom of the course.  *DATA or Cell phone reception not manditory*


No need to synchronize or calibrate any equipment. The simple on/off operation takes care of installation so you can spend more time actually training !


Times are instantly displayed on the coach's Mobile APP MyFreelap (available on App store and Google play for Android) 

or optional LED display at the bottom of the course. Times can then be consulted and compared online via your account on


Ultimately the athlete is the one carrying his time so no more DNF to managed or lost runs.


The Freelap ski timing technology has eliminated the inevitable missed times caused by athletes not completing the course DNF  or other random skiers going through your course. This technology also enables Freelap to offer a system with no course range limitation due to length or undulation of the terrain.


 Wind or snow won't affect the transmitters so you can get accurate and instant training results no matter how demanding the weather gets.



"Getting my athletes used to ski under the pressure of timed runs is KEY!

Freelap gives us that opportunity easily and rapidly"

Freelap Timing made its debut in 2003 in Switzerland. Many things have changed and evolved since then but the quest to offer the most functional timing system is still the same. 


Simple to use and rapid to set up, offered in an affordable package, that's what Freelap Ski Timing is all about!  


Choosing a training tool that will truly maximize your training is key.


We are changing how teams train and how they see timing equipment one system at a time. 


       Less time setting more time training 


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