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Frequently Asked Questions About Freelap

How accurate is the Freelap Timing System?


A. Our Freelap FX Alpine Chip have an accuracy of 2/100th of a second. . All the accuracy you need for training without ALL the hassle of DNF's,  syncing and lost radio signal etc..  





Do I have to calibrate or synchronize the Freelap Transmitters? 



Nope! Just set them up where you want them push ON and you’re ready to train! It's that simple! Same goes for splits.


With Freelap you dont need to sync.  "Sync less = train more" 

What is the warranty on Freelap timing systems?



All Freelap products are covered by our 2 years warranty against any manufacturer defects. Have an issue or questions with your Freelap Timing system simply email us or give us a call and will MAKE IT RIGHT! We take great pride in our above and beyond after sales service! 




How do you manage a DNF or the "ghost" skiers that goes through the course? 


You dont!  The signal emitted by the Freelap transmitters is only received by the FX Alpine Chip the athlete is carrying.  Your chip = your time and nothing in the surrounding can affect that!

 Each Freelap FX Alpine Chip as a unique ID that can even be renamed with initials! 




What is the maximum course length I can time with my Freelap timing system?



There is no course to long or to steep for Freelap.  Each part of the TX Alpine Kit works independently. So no communication is required between them.  That's the beauty of having the athletes carrying their own times with the FX Alpine Chip. 





What is the minimum distance between Two Freelap Transmitters?

You can time section as small as 0.80 second Do you realize some of your athletes are loosing races because of their weak starts?  Go-ahead time does starts to the first gate!  It’s a critical section of any course!




How does it react to cold temperature? 


We have spent our share of days testing it in cold winter temperature. The kit can easily be used up –25°C / -13°F .  This rating is above the industry standard.


Also as we dont use a laser beam or"magic eye" wind or snow won't affect the transmitters so you can get accurate and instant training results no matter how demanding the weather gets.

What kind of batteries does your system use?  



Most of our products use rechargeable batteries or very standard batteries that can be found at your local store.  






How many athletes can be on the course at the same time?


An unlimited number of athletes can be on course at the same time. Each transmitter and the FX Alpine chip work independently.  No more DNF to manage!  Just train!

Do you offer discounts for Club or Team?  



Certainly! Contact us directly at for information on our team discounts! We have discounts available for clubs as small as five athletes.



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