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Freelap FX Alpine Chip 

No more missed times caused by others DNF or lost radio signal.


Strap it on start training.



Cheap enough for each member to own!



AS LOW AS :$99.00




The FREELAP FX Alpine chip is the latest technology from Freelap Alpine. The Freelap

FX Alpine Chip automatically registers your time on the Freelap equipped course


 The athletes are the ones carrying their times with the FX Alpine Chip. This eliminate the

inevitable missed time caused by the previous athletes not completing the course.


  • Compatible with the Freelap THE SYSTEM 

  • Consult your times run after run via live timing feature on the mobile app.

  • Compare times online with you group after training.

  • Automaticaly sends timing data to the MYFreelap MOBILE APP via Bluetooth Low Energy 

  • An accuracy of 2/100th of a second

  • Unique ID /Rename CHIP:

  • No activation required

  • Independent signal: Other skiers in your surroundings can’t affect your time during your run

  • Completely water proof and resistant to our sports most demanding temperatures

  • Good residual value for athletes to resell after leaving the club to someone coming in. 

Get instant and accurate results !

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