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Freelap Ski timing equipment yellow dish


Seamlessly add splits to your course.   Installed in seconds!

Press ON and it's ready to go! 


Go ahead and time does very important Starts! 


our price:$365.00



The new SPLIT will seamlessly section the course in multiple zones. The perfect addition to any  Freelap Alpine kit. This VERY portable transmitter offers a signal range of 3.5 meters. Completely waterproof 


Again no need to synchronize the split to the Alpine Kit! Just set it up where you need it, push ON and VOILA! It’s literally that simple.



  • New much smaller design. (7.6 inch by 4.5 inch ) 

  • Low battery indicator ( rechagable batteries up to last 50h)

  • 100% waterproof ( can be completely covered under snow)

  • Auto off when not in use

  • No synchronization required  (installed in seconds) 

  • Not affected by snow, wind or DNF runs.  

  • Accurate, affordable and robust 

  • Resistant to our sports most demanding temperature

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